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1:1 Personal Training

When it comes to your current health and fitness do you:


  • Find it a challenge to find time to exercise?

  • Want to feel healthier and lose excess weight but don't know where to start?

  • Have a gym membership but haven't really got into a routine of going?

  • Bored of doing the same exercises each week and not seeing results?

  • Feel too stressed and tired after a long day at work to even think about exercising?

  • Do you struggle to make healthy food choices because of your packed schedule?

  • Love the idea of getting fitter and healthier but lack motivation to get started?

  • Do you suffer from stiff hips, tight hamstrings, lower back pain, weak upper back, tight chest muscles and just generally feeling tense and stressed?


If the answer is YES to any or all of these questions, you are definitely not alone! Many of my clients were in the same situation before they started their health and fitness journey with me. Whether you are looking to....


  • lose weight

  • improve your mobility/flexibility

  • feel more confident working out at the gym

  • learn ways to fit exercise into a crazy schedule

  • discover ways to eat more healthily on the go

  • have someone to help you with goal setting and accountability


...then 1:1 personal training could be for you.


Utilising a variety of training methods from Pilates, strength & conditioning, cardiovascular training, functional fitness, complimented with guidance on nutrition, I offer a tailored approach to suit your specific goals and time constraints.

To see whether personal training is for you, I would love to invite you to take advantage of a FREE consultation call with me to discuss the aspects of your health and fitness you are currently struggling with and what you would really like to achieve. Once I understand more about you and your goals I can share some suggestions to help you move forward.

Coaching Packages*

Posture Analysis/Fitness Assessment (60mins) - FREE
3 x 60mins sessions - £150 (1 month expiry)
6 x 60mins sessions - £270 (2 month expiry)
10 x 60mins sessions - £400 (3 month expiry)


TRAINING LOCATIONS: Peak Boxing Gym, Southcourt Road, Worthing (for strength & conditioning and cardio focused sessions). Or Heene Church Rooms, Heene Road, Worthing (for Pilates focused sessions).

*Coaching packages are paid in advance. All options include training and accountability support between sessions.

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