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Personal Training
Group Exercise


Unleash Your Inner Athlete:
Empowering Movement and Strength for Lasting Fitness.

Start your journey today.

Pilates Ring

Small group classes available
in Worthing.
1:1 and 2:1 Pilates available in Steyning as well as home visits for clients across West Sussex. 


Training methods from strength & conditioning, cardiovascular training, functional fitness, complimented with nutrition coaching, are tailored to suit your specific goals and time constraints.

Stretching Exercises

Circuit style classes focused on a fully body workout using a mixture of strength as well as cardio based exercises. Plus a FREE Sunday Run Clinic. Suitable for ALL fitness levels.


Pilates & Holistic Massage Experience
Saturday 19th August
5pm - 8pm
Let's Retreat, Angmering,
West Sussex.

What clients say...

Marek, 56

When a person enters the second half of their life, physical activity becomes the most important task to maintain high quality of life. I work out with Amalia to maintain high quality of my life, to stay fit but also motivated and full of energy. Amalia is perfectly able to choose the type, intensity and mix of training - sometimes we do mobility/flexibility exercises and on the other day we do boxing. Amalia has an enormous knowledge in the field of human physiology and mobility, she explains to me what the exercises are for. And after all - she is always in a good mood, which she gladly shares. I fully recommend Amalia as an excellent personal trainer.

Jade, 29

I recently completed an online training plan with Amalia, from the very start her attention to detail was top class with a consultation at the start to establish my routine, the things I wanted to focus on and listening to what I enjoy fitness wise. This helped to make sure she gave me a tailor made plan bespoke to me rather than a generalised ready made plan. She found a good level of communication to suit me so that she could check in and make sure all was going well but without bothering me too much as she knew I was very busy. It is clear that Amalia is extremely knowledgable and passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing and this really shows through in the service she provides!

Lucie, 44

Starting PT sessions with Amalia was one of the best things I did last year! Her incredibly personalised approach to training makes you feel really understood as well as challenged at exactly the right level. I have never felt so excited to train and have learnt huge amounts about myself and other people through her holistic knowledge of wellbeing. I couldn’t recommend her enough!!

Laurie, 37

I reached out to Amalia after the pandemic lock down. I'd let my fitness slip and the thought of returning to a routine felt like a really daunting and self-conscious task. That's why I chose Amalia, I liked the values she conveyed about general wellness and as soon as we had our first phone consultation I could tell she was the type of supportive, pro-active guide I was looking for. From there, my initial instincts have rang true, Amalia continues to push and support my development through highly tailored and balanced routines and I feel better than I have in years. Amalia is also constantly developing her practice, educating herself, obtaining new qualifications and incorporating her findings into our sessions. I recommend her, whatever your skill level.

Kavita, 41

I've been working with Amalia for almost a year now. She's a fantastic PT and coach. She's helped me to transform my fitness levels and eating habits through tailored fitness routines and by working closely with me to remove bad habits by changing my thinking and approach. I feel much more energetic AND I've lost over 10 lbs. What I love most is her flexibility, her understanding, and her wide range of knowledge around fitness, which allows her to meet you where you are - no matter your fitness goal. I highly recommend Amalia!

Sheila, 67

I can't recommend Amalia highly enough. I get so much out of my sessions with her and always look forward to finding out what she is going to enable me to accomplish week by week. Amalia constantly takes into account my specific needs and goals and tailors my pilates workouts accordingly. My flexibility and fitness has improved no end. She is constantly supportive and encouraging both with my exercise and in health and lifestyle.

Paul, 39

Joined Amalia's fitness camp in early April and have seen my fitness improve gradually through the year, it's very motivating to find exercises you found difficult months ago are now easy. Classes have enough variety to keep things interesting and a very friendly atmosphere with a good mix of fitness levels. Highly recommended, hope to see you there : )

Tallulah, 22

I’ve been going to Amalia’s fitness group since July and absolutely love it! The community is very welcoming and uplifting, which has boosted my confidence in fitness immensely.

There is a mix of abilities but Amalia always tailors classes to ensure everyone is pushing themselves to their own 100%. I’ve notice physical changes in my body not only with weight loss but strength and stamina. Could not recommend Amalia enough!

Fitness Team

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